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General Fire Safety Training

This is the most popular course in our training programme and looks into the dangers of fire in the workplace and also in the home.

Course Content:

  • The most common causes of fire
  • The responsibilities of employers / the responsibilities of employees in the workplace.
  • The importance of: The Fire Alarm, Fire Exits, Emergency Lighting, Exit Routes, First Aid, Fire Fighting Equipment and The Assembly Point.
  • Evacuation Procedures in your place of work.
  • The importance of regular “Fire Drills” and general record keeping regarding fire safety.
  • Live fire demonstration using all types of fire extinguishers that apply to your premises. This will also include the correct use of fire blankets and how to put out fires when you have no available first aid fire fighting equipment.
  • Fire safety in the HOME, how to be six times safer from the dangers of domestic fires.

Number of participants: 15


Duration: 2 and a half hours


Cost: €295.00 vat at 0%